Anaesthesia Workstation Morpheus ND

With over 45 years of history, SIARE Engineering International Group is the Italian leader in design and production of electromedical equipment for anaesthesia and resuscitation. The 16 years' collaboration between SIARE and Creanova leads to several medical devices, among which is Morpheus MD, the anaesthesia workstation. Morpheus MD is a patented system which features a turbine system for driving of primary breathing system.
 Anaesthesia Workstation Morpheus ND - Anaesthesia Workstation Morpheus ND

Layout analysis and design for an anaesthesia workstation

Creanova took care of the design of the new anaesthesia workstation by SIARE.

Designers' team, starting from the internal components layout definition, crafted the top volume which includes monitor, ventilator, encoder, carrying handles and interface with the control panel. It was designed to be placed on a table or on the relevant trolley.

The trolley was created in line with the family feeling which characterizes the SIARE’s anaesthesia portfolio and it improves user’s operations through the use of drawers and a support surface to store accessories.

The use of colours carries out the functional volumes distinction, while ensuring the continuity between the support surface and the central column.

Creanova met SIARE’s requirements and expectations, providing an anaesthesia workstation which matches large dimension and light look through fluid and smooth lines.

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