bestBrain for Homecare Brain Therapy

bestBrain is one of the Israeli brain tech companies on the front lines of brain research. With an headset delivering a non-invasive brain therapy in the comfort of patients’ home, bestBrain is an audacious startup with the mission to stop the progression of dementia.

The current focus is on the early phase of Alzheimer’s and relevant memory loss.
     bestBrain for homecare brain therapy  - Humanizing a Brain Therapy Device Through the Design

    Humanizing a Brain Therapy Device Through the Design

    bestBrain challenged Creanova to redesign its brain therapy device. Our design team crafted the new concept, moving away from the usual medical design to match the look and feel typical of consumer products. This is because bestBrain was conceived to be used at home or anywhere the patient can comfortably sit, not necessary in a clinic, and moreover it shouldn’t remind the patient that he is sick.

    Creanova’s design team evaluated different devices suitable for brain activity monitoring to finally agree with the client that headphones was the best choice: headphones combines the consumer products’ appeal with the possibility to transmit auditive stimuli.

    Starting from a deep consumer trends analysis, our designers proposed a solution which meets the required high level of ergonomics (the headphones will be worn by kids, adults, men and women), comfort and usability:

    • Arms flexibility and best electrodes location (spider and flat electrodes) achieved through percentiles analysis
    • The front and rear arms in spring steel to fit all possible head’s sizes
    • Adjustable earphones to bring sensors in contact with the earcup
    • A soft cushion on the top for better fit
    • Ergonomic button to turn on the device, easy to push also when headphones are worn
    • Led to monitor battery status

    Creanova adapted its lead-time to the startup’s needs, speeding up the creative process to present the full concept to investors and move forward in the product development process.

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