Corneal Topography System Keratron Nova

Take a look on the full 360° animation of the only portable topography system.

    Main Challenges

    • Develop and assemble internal components with certain possible position within already developed mechanical structure.
    • Create an integrated shape between topography system and its base platform.
    • Integrate in the design concept various external technical elements, at the same time achieving high aesthetics and a patient friendly look.
    • Mold making of the complex shape.
     Corneal Topography System - Main Challenges
     Corneal Topography System - Design Results

    Design Results

    • User centered approach ensures high functionality, smooth and friendly look, outstanding ergonomic features, maximum comfort and efficiency.
    • Patient friendly design of external technical elements.
    • Special design of the ventilation area combines functionality with strong aesthetics.
    • Appearance of integrated shape between the base platform and device.
    • Special shape of the handle is suitable for small device, ensures maximum security, at the same time being convenient for different dimensions of the operator’s hands.
    • Various functions integrated into the handle and specially positioned functional button.
    • Ergonomic position of the screen to ensure it’s full visibility during the procedure.
     Corneal Topography System - Engineering and Mold Making Results

    Engineering and Mold Making Results

    • Maximum strength of the open shape handleby implementing preliminary mechanical testing of the device.
    • Good quality and tolerances of the molded parts, thanks to special attention to the challenges of molding the complex shape of the main housing
    • Efficient assembly and interaction between internal electronic and housing parts by developing a special internal component to support internal parts.
     Corneal Topography System - Engineering and Mold Making Results

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