CHELT Therapy (Cryo High Energy Laser Therapy)

As the result of collaboration between Mectronic Medicale and renowned research centers, CHELT Therapy (Cryo High Energy Laser Therapy) is an innovative device in the physiotherapeutic, medical and rehabilitative fields. It represents the unique synergy between the THEAL lasertherapy and the cryotherapy with dry air at -30° with thermal control.

Since 7 years, Mectronic Medicale and Creanova have been combining their expertise to market successful and design-awarded physiotherapy devices.

    Design: from layout to concept, up to production technologies definition

    The main challenge in design phase was to lend a light and compact look to a device which boasts technologies requiring significant volume, cryotherapy and laser therapy.

    The large vertical display of this physiotherapy device ensures a wide and easy-to-use interface. The eye is led from the monitor to the frontal handle by a fluid connection, which enables the continuity and the integrity between the two elements.

    The frontal handle plays a double function, to move the device and to place the cryo tube when not in use, while the flush-mounted knob allows an ergonomic and smooth interaction with the user interface and the overall software.

    In addition, CHELT Therapy stands out from the crowd for the special attention to the final user (physiotherapists and medical operators): the handpieces are easily accessible thanks to the full integrated housing, positioned high at the sides of the monitor; the handpiece holder can be installed on both sides, according to user’ needs; the support surface allows to place gloves and protective glasses.

    The technologies, needed to achieve the best result from the production, are defined already in the design stage.

    Engineering to enhance modularity benefits

    Creanova’s engineering team made possible to easily disassemble the two modules (cryotherapy and THEAL lasertherapy) in order to facilitate the physiotherapy device’s maintenance and enable the use of one module while the other one is on maintenance.

    The lower module of CHELT Therapy is the structural part, while the top section integrates electronics, mechanics and laser heads.

    The handle was designed to be fully integrated in the frontal shell and to be produced as a single part.

    An high aesthetic level was lent to the frontal knob, which is flush-mounted on the frontal shell.

    Prototypes for medical tradefairs

    A functional prototype and an aesthetic prototype were provided to Mectronic Medicale to exhibit this physiotherapy device in tradefairs.
     CHELT Therapy - Prototypes for medical tradefairs


    " Creanova gave us a feeling of being understood. They possess a deep knowledge of medical culture and a unique refined aesthetic touch. A partner that never let us down. "

    Ennio Aloisini
    CEO and R&D Manager
     CHELT Therapy - PUR and Roto-Molding production

    PUR and Roto-Molding production

    Creanova completed the CHELT Therapy development process with the production phase, leveraging PUR and roto-molding techniques. These technologies are selected according to the complex geometries, small-scale production and required high quality of this physiotherapy device.

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