Dental Laser SkyPulse

Featuring the combination of the revolutionary SSP (Photon Induced Photo-acoustic Streaming) and SWEEPS® (shock wave enhanced emission photoacoustic streaming) technologies, SkyPulse® leads the new generation of compact and portable dental lasers. The close partnership and synergy between Fotona and Creanova resulted in a dental laser recognized as a winner by Red Dot Award for its amazing design and innovation. Red Dot Award 2020 confirmed Fotona as a world leader in the production of innovative laser systems for aesthetics & dermatology, dentistry, surgery and gynecology.

Awarded by:   reddot  

     Dental Laser SkyPulse® - From a strong concept to a real and unique dental device

    From a strong concept to a real and unique dental device

    Fotona challenged Creanova to transform a dental laser charaterized by a strong design, flowing curves and dynamic shapes, into an end product.

    SkyPulse® is a combination of several elements within a small space: two lasers, a trolley, two interchangeable handpieces and the related holders. Our engineering team, in co-creation with the core development team of Fotona, 3D modeled the entire project contributing to give technical solutions and studying all the connection between the parts and the mechanics, making it a manufacturable dental device while keeping the starting high aesthetic level.

    The large amount of shells (more than 40) and molds (about 40), the combination of different production technologies (plastics injection molding, die-casting, overmolding), 360° high aesthetics (all faces are visible) and the goal to compact final dimensions are the key aspects which made the project extremely challenging in engineering terms.

    Creanova’s main achievements in the engineering of this innovative dental laser are:
    • Highly-aesthetic shells: the beauty of flowing curves and dynamic shapes meant additional effort to make SkyPulse® manufacturable. For example the top cover had to be rotated into the mold to allow the creation of the fixation points, while the handpiece holder needed a deep analysis of shells division, parting line and slider. Through this approach, Creanova’s engineers won the challenge to maintain the starting design, while ensuring the mechanical seal.
    • Smallest and lightest Er:YAG laser: the internal components are organized in order to take up the smallest possible space. For example, a lot of components, which allow the release of side handpiece and match shells with mechanics, are gathered next to the round led, in a tiny space.
    • 360° high aesthetics: all the screws are positioned in a not visible place and the assembly sequence was studied very carefully to combine all the parts together, hiding all the fixations.

    CNC milled prototypes for functional validation and exhibitions

    Leveraging CNC milling, functional prototypes of SkyPulse® are produced to validate the project through the product development process, while aesthetic prototypes are provided for trade fair exhibitions.


    " What I value most in Creanova is that they support us all the way, from designing a device itself to engineering and making appropriate tools, and finally to manufacturing and delivering parts for our production. Together with Creanova's very competent and pleasant team, we have brought to market two Red Dot award winning medical laser systems that both, Fotona and Creanova, can be very proud of. "

    Dr. Matjaz Lukac
    President / Director
     Dental Laser SkyPulse® - Deep quality controls for high-quality dental laser manufacturing

    Deep quality controls for high-quality dental laser manufacturing

    Creanova’s team managed the full housing parts manufacturing process, from startup down parts production and deep quality controls on final shells, performed at Creanova’s office.

    The main challenges faced by our production team are:
    • Huge number of components.
    • Large number of molds.
    • High aesthetical requirements and many shiny surfaces, which make the smallest defect visible.
    • Orchestration of several partners in order to achieve the best result.

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