Dental Scanner Cara Scan 4.0

Heraeus Kulzer GmbH is one of the world’s leading dental device suppliers. For one of their latest extra-oral scanners, Creanova provided all phases of the product’s development - design, engineering, prototyping, mold making, and production.

Take a look at the details of the precise, easy-to-use, high-performance dual-axis scanner which fits into every laboratory, thanks to its small dimensions and low weight.

    Main Tasks and Challenges

    • To develop the design concept working with a mechanical layout which was still in the development phase
    • Ergonomic studies to develop a scanning chamber which is completely closed during the scanning process, at the same time the object is easily accessible by an operator
    • High precision engineering, taking into account the tolerances, to ensure the precise joint between scanning chamber and rotating doors

    Design Results

    Compact and professional look

    • Glossy and matte finishing, as well as a combination of 2 colors for a high quality, premium look
    • Clean and continuous geometry creates a compact and light appearance
    • Designed lines on the front cover emphasize lightness and a smooth, integrated appearance between the various parts
    • All technical elements are positioned in the back side of the scanner in a compact, localized
    • The combination of different volumes, shapes and colors of various parts of the scanner, helps to reduce the visual perception of the dimensions


    • The design solution of the doors allows to make 2 versions – with or without display, keeping the same design concept

    Ergonomics and Cleanability

    • A rotating plate provides an even distribution of blue LED structured light
    • A special solution of rotating doors provides a completely closed chamber for maximum scanning precision, at the same time ensuring easy accessibility to the object
    • Solution of the back and bottom parts inside the scanning chamber, and rotating plate ensures the possibility to remove the parts for easy cleaning
    • Removable inspection cover
    • Specially selected materials and finishing to provide the resistance of the device during the disinfection with specific medical cleaning agents

    Engineering Results

    • Mechanical engineering solution ensures smooth movement of the doors, with precise joint between the main housing part and the scanning chamber
    • The door has outstanding mechanical stability and strength during the rotation
    • Special engineering solution to keep the scanner stable while the door is opened

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