Dental X-ray unit VistaVoxS

Take a look on the full 360° animation of the streamlined, compact design.

Awarded by:   good-design  


    Main Tasks and Challenges

    • To change initial concept of device produced with thermoforming to premium device produced with injection molding
    • Top quality molded parts
    • Integrated shape of device with big dimensions and many subdivisions of housing parts
    • Design & engineering solution paying special attention to tolerances
    • Design and engineering solution respecting already predefined design aspects and mechanical structure
     Dental X-Ray Unit VistaVoxS - Main Tasks and Challenges

    Dürr Dental is saying

    " It's important to have such a supplier and competent partner as Creanova and we are very happy to have a friendly relationship in this hard business world "

    Bernd Vogel
    Purchasing Department

    Design Results

    • Complete DÜRR DENTAL product portfolio, values, sales points and market analysis to develop guidelines for family feeling concept
    • Established Family feeling guidelines
    • Premium look
    • Continuous, integrated shape
    • Special attention to the tolerances and subdivisions of big housing parts
    • Smooth design – reduced visibility of connections of 21 housing parts
    • Carefully thought out, crafted details
    • Streamline design
    • Combination glossy & matte finishing
    • Highly ergonomic patient positioning area with integrated control panel
    • The handle into the patient positioning area has special shape and position for maximum comfort
    • Extensive analysis of mechanical movement interaction with patient to develop special shape of the C-arm minimizing dimensions in the patient’s shoulder area

    Engineering Results

    • Providing engineering support with our extensive specialized experience in engineering of complex plastic parts
    • Engineering solution specially suitable for big parts production and tolerances within injection molding process
    • 21 subdivision of housing parts ensures good producibility and efficient assembly

    Prototyping Results

    • CNC milling technology - most suitable technology for developing prototypes for devices with big dimensions
    • Three prototypes provided:
      1st step: fully painted prototype
      2nd step: prototype of display only
      3rd step: full prototype (not painted, excluded display)

    Mold Making Results

    • Close cooperation developing mold design
    • Special attention to the correct tolerances of molded parts
    • 2 cavity mold for symmetrical components (single mold for 2 parts) for important cost saving and balanced injection
    • T1 - provided with glossy finishing for time and cost efficiency
    • Extended DFM and MOLD FLOW analysis to define mold design
    • High quality molds ensures premium look of parts with glossy finishing

    Production Results

    • Direct quality control of our team on produced molds and parts
    • Quality standards were defined in close cooperation
    • Easy assembly of produced parts

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