Drystar Self-Service Kiosk

Agfa Healthcare is globally renowned for innovation in Digital Health, Enterprise Imaging, Integrated Care and Hospital IT. The Drystar self-service kiosk will be installed in Chinese hospitals and delivers X-rays and medical reports directly to patients. Creanova’s designers supported Agfa HealthCare in designing the new kiosk and in the development of its User Interface.
 Drystar Self-Service Kiosk - Drystar Self-Service Kiosk
 Drystar Self-Service Kiosk - User Centered Design

User Centered Design

The design of Agfa HealthCare kiosk revolves around the analysis of the ergonomics: starting from the Chinese population percentiles, Creanova’s designers identified the best layouts in terms of usability and comfort to ensure all the patients can easily watch at the monitor and pick up X-rays.

The preliminary studies included the market research and the examination of Agfa Healthcare’s brand positioning and evolution.

The color choice was guided by Agfa’s brand identity and by the goal to make the user focused on the functional part: black is the color for the control panel (user interface, speakers, reports and X-rays withdrawal, QR code reader) in sharp contrast with the underlying white layer. The anthracite grey of the back container defines the technical part of the product, which remains separated from the functional one.

The concept Creanova landed on for the Drystar kiosk is characterized by soft lines, user friendliness and soft rational design which make the kiosk a medical device which blends perfectly with the hospital environment.


" When creating a medical print kiosk for radiology patients in China, for us it was important to integrate the experience of achieving patient-friendly results. Creanova complied with this requirement and created the best-looking Medical kiosk on the China market. This was the outcome of a constructive cooperation between Creanova's design team and the Agfa China marketing team. "

Herman Raats
Head of ASPAC North Region, HE/IMG, Sales Director

Easy-to-use User Interface for the Chinese Population

The self-service kiosk by Agfa Healthcare is intended for all Chinese population and on this basis the user interface was designed to meet several levels of education, different ages and attitude towards technology.

The UI step-by-step leads the users to the printing of X-rays and medical reports: the user interface drives the patient in the QR code scanning, then it communicates if the medical material is available and provides printing waiting times.

All the wizard leverages a basic language and animations, which represent the operations the user has to execute.

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