Respiratory device Spirotel

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Awarded by:   reddot  

     Respiratory device Spirotel - Spirometer and oximeter in a single device

    Spirometer and oximeter in a single device

    Spirotel, Reddot award winner, is a diagnostic spirometer and oximeter combined in a single device. The intelligent 3D oximeter links the SpO2 data with the three-axis accelerometer, calculating the physical activity and the body’s position during the registration of all data.

    Intelligent spirometry

    The spirometry on the other hand, is carried out through the integrated turbine which is firmly fixed to the product but can however be easily removed for cleaning. All data are visualized in real time on the touch screen and can be transmitted by USB or Bluetooth.
     Respiratory device Spirotel - Intelligent spirometry

    MIR is saying

    " Creanova is an outstanding Italian company. With them we have always felt integrated in our approach to design and manufacturing activities. Our relationship of trust has been consolidated over the years of collaboration and with the gradual increase of the type of activity we shared together, starting from the top-quality design and high-level planning. We have benefited from the manufacturing services provided by Creanova in the development of numerous projects and we have always appreciated their careful attention to the mold-making process. Creanova consists of a great team of highly skilled specialists driven by enthusiasm, competence and attention to the client. The team of Creanova offer effective design for manufacturing thanks to their adequate technical knowledge which ensures reliable manufacturing process “without surprises”. Creanova's ability to be a strong turn-key partner is their winning excellence on the territory of Italy / on the Italian market "

    Paolo Boschetti
     Respiratory device Spirotel - Integrated GSM/GPRS module

    Integrated GSM/GPRS module

    The main innovation that distinguishes this product from its predecessor and competitors is the integrated GSM/GPRS module that permits the transfer of all registered data through e-mail or FTP to a server.

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