Sinergia Evo Scan

Sinergia Evo Scan is a new compact and reliable scanner for a precise and fast scanning. It is the first all-in-one scanner with an integrated PC and monitor. It has been designed to satisfy the growing demand for highly customized and fully integrated devices capable to meet the need to automate the entire workflow, maximizing the productivity.
 Sinergia Evo Scan - Sinergia Evo Scan
 Sinergia Evo Scan - Design and Engineering Innovation

Design and Engineering Innovation

The main challenge during design phase was to combine an all-in-one device with a compact shape. The fully integration was needed to improve the usability features and meet customers’ needs. When developing the drawer concept, Creanova set out to achieve a functional design: the goal was to create an organized space in the Sinergia Evo Scan, where user can place all accessories. The PC and monitor integration enables user to manage scanner functions by the frontal touch screen. Despite binding functional requirements, the design team succeeded in creating a rational shape with a clean / fresh look.

Nobil Metal is saying

" Thanks to our long-lasting collaboration with Creanova we have found a partner who managed to transform our ideas into a successful reality "

Josi Venturini

Improved User Experience

The integrated software interface is focused on increasing the functionality and the productivity and to satisfy the space saving needs. The capacitive monitor touch screen 19’’ with an operating system interface has been developed for today’s users’ needs and as reply to the modern technological trends. To improve the user experience, the frontal door opening is fully-automated and fully-functioning in every position (also when opened). The integrated drawer for accessories allows the user to have everything needed in an organized space.
 Sinergia Evo Scan - Improved User Experience
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