Smart One OXI® for Homecare

The 16 years' partnership between MIR and Creanova in design, product development and production, has brought to market another successful respiratory device.

Smart One OXI® was designed to self-manage Asthma, COPD, Lung Transplant care, Cystic fibrosis, enabling spirometry and oximetry. Thanks to the relevant app, the patient can share with a touch test results and his state of health with his doctor.

    Innovation and Compactness for Smart One OXI®

    Due to the great customers feedback about the easy-to use, ergonomics and compactness of Smart One, MIR asked Creanova to review the well-known design and craft its new respiratory device.

    Creanova’s designers updated the Smart One design to meet the new respiratory device requirements: a small opening to place the oximetry slide and a tiny thickening to make room for oximetry technology. The spirometer-oximeter was completed by the relative package and user manual.

    New Layout Focused on Space Optimization

    The main challenge in engineering phase was to maintain the successful size and shape of Smart One’s housings while include the oximetry PCB.

    The layout of internal components was totally reviewed and the oximetry test through a small sensor on the top cover was enabled. These enhancements place the Smart One OXI® one step ahead of competitors, avoiding an additional accessory (such as the finger clamp) and thus optimizing the user experience.
     Smart One OXI - New Layout Focused on Space Optimization
     Smart One OXI - Rapid Prototyping

    Rapid Prototyping

    The volumetric analysis was carried out on a mock up by rapid prototyping. Functional prototypes were made by CNC and part of these, equipped with an SD, were used to test the device.

    MIR is saying

    " Creanova is an outstanding Italian company. With them we have always felt integrated in our approach to design and manufacturing activities. Our relationship of trust has been consolidated over the years of collaboration and with the gradual increase of the type of activity we shared together, starting from the top-quality design and high-level planning. We have benefited from the manufacturing services provided by Creanova in the development of numerous projects and we have always appreciated their careful attention to the mold-making process. Creanova consists of a great team of highly skilled specialists driven by enthusiasm, competence and attention to the client. The team of Creanova offer effective design for manufacturing thanks to their adequate technical knowledge which ensures reliable manufacturing process “without surprises”. Creanova's ability to be a strong turn-key partner is their winning excellence on the territory of Italy / on the Italian market. "

    Paolo Boschetti
     Smart One OXI - Injection Molding, Assembly and Packaging

    Injection Molding, Assembly and Packaging

    Production start-up team managed the mold making and injection molding of the plastic housings. The top cover of the oximeter needs three over-moldings: main cover, the oximetry slide in clear plastics and the gasket. The assembly was performed at Creanova’s production site, certified with ISO 13485.

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