Healthcare Device Assembly Services

Creanova is specialized in Medical Device Assembly and certified ISO 13485: from Housing/Structural parts assembly to Electronic Mechanical design and assembly

Ultimately, the production solution involves the final assembly of complete products and/or subassemblies. The final stages of production are as important as the first as medical devices require high precision assembly.

Creanova's experience allows implementing assembly with accuracy, efficiency and quality. Our globally based resources ensure our ability to offer numerous flexible solutions - various approaches that may be explored and proposed to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Pre - Assembly

    Before final assembly our specialists implement numerous tests and quality control procedures to verify the correct assembly sequence of all device components, including position and compatibility of all elements and cables. We make sure that the final installation of all parts will be implemented with maximum precision, taking into account the device specification and functionality.

  • Assembly of Housing and Structural Parts

    When it comes to products for patient-care, quality is non-negotiable - medical devices require a large amount of attention to detail. We take care of assembly of all housing and structural parts, including plastic, metal, and fiberglass parts with maximum accuracy and quality.

  • Standard Components

    We take care of the complete assembly of housing parts, including assembly of various standard components such us screws, wheels, legs, handles, lights, sealing (hermetic or other type of enclosure), links, bumpers and other components.

  • Electronic Parts

    In addition to housing parts and standard components, Creanova also takes care of assembly of electronic PC boards. We insert and solder all electronic components for complete assembly of your device.

  • Packaging Assembly

    We know that packaging is much more than just a question of design, shape and material - your healthcare device must be protected and preserved during transportation, storage and sales process. We provide packaging solutions for safe shipment of produced parts or product assembly in consumer packaging. With our extensive knowledge about the device functionality and its’ special requirements, we carefully pack and deliver all produced parts according to the highest standards and strict quality control procedures. In addition we can assembly the device and it’s accessories in the final consumer packaging which is provided by client or developed by us and after assembled in shipping containers.

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