Healthcare Device Engineering Services

Our engineering services ensures a manufacturable medical device since the early stages, while supporting you in respecting medical certification requirements

In this phase the design concept gets transformed into a feasible product, ready to go into production. Creanova's expertise in engineering custom plastic and metal injection molded parts enables to conserve' the concept design, while respecting the manufacturing limitations and optimizing tooling investments.

The creation of a new part engineered with 3D modelers and optimized with mold flow where necessary, is carried out in close collaboration with Creanova's mold designers to ensure a smooth and cost effective production implementation.

  • Medical Product Development - Layout Analysis and Definition

    The Creanova team includes experienced engineers with specialized expertise in healthcare devices engineering. We fully understand the special needs of the healthcare sector and start our work with a detailed and accurate analysis of technical, mechanical and functional components of the device. Full understanding of the functions, subfunctions and all components, ensures our ability to define the most efficient position and interconnection of all elements inside the device.

  • Medical Engineering and Mechanical Development

    In the engineering phase, our experienced engineers will transform design concepts into a feasible product, ready for prototyping and production. In every project our engineers are working in close cooperation with the design and production teams, ensuring smart functional and structural solutions for design concepts and ultimately a smooth flow from engineering into manufacturing. We use 3D CAD modeling to transform a design concept into a manufacturable parts and also take care for engineering of internal mechanical structures, integration of all device components with a detailed definition of production materials and technologies.

  • Medical Design Engineering for Manufacturing

    DFM or Design For Manufacturing is the method of design to provide maximum quality of manufacturing process. Within this process we integrate the manufacturing preliminary evaluation with engineered parts. After implemented simulation, we can verify if the engineering of parts is correct for production. DFM allows implementation of all potential improvements such us raw material, the form of the raw material, dimensional tolerances, finishing and others, already in the engineering phase where it is the least expensive place to address them.

  • Moldflow Analysis

    Moldflow analysis is a special simulation, which we implement to verify parts behaviour during and after the molding process, allowing us to enhance mold design and create the highest quality products possible. It helps to create molds of the highest quality, maximize product performance and appearance, improve manufacturability, and choose the best materials. Any possible needed improvements to ensure highest production quality are captured already in the engineering phase.

  • Project Documentation

    In the conclusion of the engineering phase, we provide all needed documentation such us drawings, assembly instructions, bill of materials (BOM), PDF 3D for production of each part we have developed and engineered. In addition we provide our support also in development of the user manual.

  • Support in Product Certification

    Validation verification and testing are crucial elements of our work to ensure the outcome of highest quality. We implement product testing of the device in accredited laboratories to support our clients in the product certification process.

  • Medical Device Packaging Development

    Unique package solutions are an integral part of your brand language. As turn-key service for the whole process of your healthcare device development, our team also takes care of engineering of your product package. Our engineers will transform the packaging design concept into a manufacturable packaging solution. We know that it is more than just a question of design, shape and material - your healthcare device must be protected, preserved in package that not only is well designed, but also engineered taking into account the special requirements of your device, transportation and storage process.

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