Medical Device Mold Making Services

Healthcare molded products

Creanova is specialized in mold construction for: injection molding of plastic parts, die casting of aluminum parts, glass fiber, PUR / RIM.

Before the actual mold construction (ca. 100 molds / year), all requirements are taken into account to determine the correct number of cavities, mold construction material and if necessary a mold flow analysis is done to ensure the part quality and cost effectiveness in production.

  • Medical Injection Molding for Plastic Parts

    A good quality mold manufactured to industry standards by qualified toolmakers is the basis of a good molded part. A mold affects the shape, configuration, quality, and uniformity of a final product. Our injection molds can be made of steal or aluminum and allow production of plastic parts of your device with final color and texture. Main advantages of injection molds are high precision tolerance, repeatability, and large material selection with little or no need to perform further finishing of parts after molding. These molds are suggested for serial production batches of plastic parts.

  • Die Casting Molds for Aluminum Parts

    We provide precision molds to meet our customers' specific applications. Die cast molds or dies are made of steel and are intended for production of aluminum (or other metal) products, components and parts. Dies have relatively long durability and allow achieving strong dimensional accuracy with excellent surface finishes of the final parts. These molds are developed to produce structural elements of healthcare devices.

  • Glass Fiber

    The key characteristics of fiberglass are strength and lightness; therefore these molds are developed for production of parts that must be lightweight and resistant. Some of the other advantages of using a fiberglass mold are that they are easy to make, have low material cost, are long lasting, and can be used for different sizes of production batches.

  • PUR / RIM molding

    Main advantages of reaction injection molding (RIM) and polyurethane (PUR) are the ability to achieve a more rigid, stronger and thicker material with higher chemical and mechanical resistance. These technologies are suggested for production of parts that must have higher resistance than injection molded plastic parts. PUR/RIM molds are more cost efficient and are suitable for various production volumes. These molds are commonly CNC-machined out of aluminum to stand up to the low pressures and high temperatures during the production process.

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