Healthcare Device Manufacturing Services

Creanova takes care of Mold Making and Manufacturing, reengineering the project if needed and performing deep quality check at each step of the process

Depending on device functionality, maintenance, assembly, technical performance, and project requirements, our experts carefully analyze and suggest the most suitable and efficient production technology. The most suitable production technology is taken into account already starting from the first phases of project development, to ensure producibility of design concepts.

Depending on the applied production technology, Creanova's service also includes any second process such as painting, reworking and a wide set of device personalization techniques as well as pre-assembly and packaging. Creanova's strict quality control procedures ensure that the parts adhere to required specifications and are produced in the highest quality.

  • Mold Making

    A good quality mold manufactured to industry standards by qualified toolmakers is the basis of a good molded part. A mold affects the shape, configuration, quality, and uniformity of a final product. Our injection molds can be made of steal or aluminum and allow production of plastic, aluminum, PUR/RIM, glass fiber parts of your device.

  • Production of Plastic, Metal and Glass Fiber Parts

    We offer a wide selection of production technologies with a special expertise in the production of aesthetical parts, also in UL94-V0 certified material and in white color. Some of our main production technologies for plastic parts are injection molding, PUR/RIM, whereas for production of metal parts, die-casting is suggested, as well as laser cutting, blanking, folding, turning, milling, and welding. In addition we provide CNC machining for high precision parts.

  • Clean Room Production

    We are aware of the specific needs of medical device development and the importance of sterility for any medical device that comes in direct or indirect contact with patients. Clean rooms are enclosed spaces where production of medical devices takes place in controlled environment. Temperature, humidity, pressure and the level of contaminants such as dust, microbes and others are kept within strict limits. All our specialists already from the first development phases pay special attention to the demands of clean room production. Starting from appropriate cleanroom designs, strict quality control is applied in every step – we pay maximum attention to every procedure to produce safe devices, thereby reducing potential risks to patients.

  • Reworking

    One of our areas of expertise is a customized approach to every project in all our activities and project phases. Being aware of the special needs of our clients, we offer numerous capabilities that can adjust manufactured parts to meet the highest demands of precision and other specific requirements. Some of our main reworking capabilities are drilling, milling, welding, gluing, threading, sandblasting for metal parts, and several others.

  • Painting

    Depending on the chosen production technology, the painting of production parts might be needed. In addition to painting of aluminum, polyurethane, and metal parts, and according to the customer's specifications, we provide painting with conductive shielding for prevention of electromagnetic interference. In some cases, the painting of plastic parts is implemented to achieve a perfect finish after the production process or in cases when various parts of the device are produced by different technologies.

  • Device Personalization

    The closing phase of the production process is device personalization according to the company's corporate identity. We use such technologies as pad printing (tampography), serigraphy and laser engraving to apply text, logo or other visual brand identity elements on the new medical device.

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