Healthcare Device Prototyping Services

Do you need to Validate your project? Creanova provides Prototypes for Testing your innovative Medical device and Pre-Series production for Medical Trial

Prototyping is one of the most efficient ways to verify functional and aesthetical aspects and identify feedback from the market before further significant investments are made in product development.

When considering the most appropriate prototyping approach, the quantity of units and needed level of functionality must be defined. Whilst all prototyping methods have benefits and limitations, by evaluating needs of the customer, we choose the most suitable method, considering time required and cost.

Creanova provides multiple prototyping technologies that serve different needs of our customers. One of the greatest strengths of our prototyping services is the ability to provide combined – highly aesthetical, functional as well as structural prototypes at competitive costs, as well as performance maximization of device, through assembly process verification.

  • Vacuum Casting

    By vacuum casting (also called silicon molding), a mold is made out of silicone rubber based upon a master model created by CNC milling, SLA, SLS or other rapid prototyping services. Vacuum casting ensures excellent surface finishing, uniform strength of prototype and constant mechanical properties in different stress directions. Unlike other technologies, vacuum casting has a one time initial mold cost, making it economically interesting when more than 4 prototypes are needed. In addition silicon molding allows to combine similar parts in one mold, optimizing prototyping process.

  • SLA / SLS

    SLA (stereo lithography) is a 3D printing method in which a special type of liquid plastic reacts with ultraviolet (UV) light to form a solid, whereas in the case of SLS (stereo laser sintering), the raw material is a fine powder. SLA technology ensures a smooth surface finishing and fine resolution while the SLS process is faster, provides rigidity and resistance. Thanks to high precision, SLA and SLS are suggested for aesthetical prototypes, very small and detailed parts, as well as for prototypes with very complex shape that need to be implemented in short term.

  • FDM

    Fused Deposition Modelling is a 3D printing process that builds parts up layer-by-layer by heating and extruding thermoplastic filament. By using such materials as ABS plastic with FDM technology we can provide prototypes with complex shape, outstanding thermal and chemical resistance, and excellent strength. FDM is suggested for detailed functional prototypes with high accuracy, low - volume production scale, durable parts with high stability.

  • CNC Milling

    Using advanced software control, raw material is removed from solid block of material with a variety of precision cutting tools to make a part or product. CNC milling is suitable for both aesthetical and structural prototypes and for different needed volumes. In this technology various materials (aluminum, various plastics, resins, polyurethane, etc.) are used, allowing to use exactly the same material that will be later used in production. Milling advantages include excellent surface finishing, high precision, time and cost efficiency, as well as outstanding strength of prototype and constant mechanical properties in different stress directions.

  • Prototyping Assembly and Mechanical Validation

    In addition to providing prototypes for aesthetical and functional evaluation, we also take care of assembly verification of all elements in your device. During the assembly of all internal components of the prototype, we verify correct assembly sequence, position and compatibility of all components and cables. We make sure that through precisely defined positioning of elements and verified assembly procedure, we maximize functionality and ergonomy of device.

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