Medical Industrial Design Services

Creanova is a leading one-stop partner providing expertise on medical device projects and giving constant support during all their phases, from the design to the final assembly

1. Design

Being recognized in the market is of vital importance in any business. Also, healthcare markets set a very high standard for products. This is why Creanova starts with a careful study and analysis of the application and environment where the products are used.... Find out more

2. Engineering

In this phase the design concept gets transformed into a feasible product, ready to go into production. Creanova's expertise in engineering custom plastic and metal injection molded parts enables to ‘conserve' the concept design, while respecting the manufacturing limitations and optimizing tooling investments.... Find out more

3. Prototyping

Prototyping is one of the most efficient ways to verify functional and aesthetical aspects and identify feedback from the market before further significant investments are made in product development.... Find out more

4. Mold Making

Creanova is specialized in mold construction for: injection molding of plastic parts, die casting of aluminum parts, glass fiber, PUR / RIM... Find out more

5. Production

Depending on device functionality, maintenance, assembly, technical performance, and project requirements, our experts carefully analyze and suggest the most suitable and efficient production technology. The most suitable production technology is taken into account already starting from the first phases of project development, to ensure producibility of design concepts.... Find out more

6. Assembly

Ultimately, the production solution involves the final assembly of complete products and/or subassemblies. The final stages of production are as important as the first as medical devices require high precision assembly.... Find out more

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